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before.S. He continued to practice after his enstoolment, and was able to make a start on the modernization of the government hospital at Kyebi. Habyarimana Habyarimana, Juvénal (b. He has been permanent representative to the United Nations (2001-06) and ambassador to India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Maldives, and Sri Lanka (2006-09 Australia (2011-13 New Zealand, Fiji, Solomon Islands, and Tonga (2012-13 and the United States (2017- ). 25,.S., 1850,. June 14, 1987, Jakarta, Indonesia prime minister and defense minister of Indonesia (1955-56). 6, 2004, on suspicions of fraud, professional corruption, and participation in a criminal organization. He was minister to India (1953-56 Indonesia (1956 and the United States (1956-57 permanent representative to the United Nations (1956-57 and ambassador to Ghana (1961-64 Dahomey (1963-64 India (1967-72 Nepal, Ceylon, Burma, and Cambodia (1968-72 Singapore (1971-72 Japan (1976-82 and Thailand and the Philippines (1977-82). 9, 1886, Governor's Island,.Y. Krantz, (Charles) Camille (Julien) (b. Haldeman Haldeman, H(arry) R(obbins byname Bob Haldeman (b. Hassan Yunos, Tan Sri (b. Al-Halki Halki, Wael (Nader) al- (b. Kuzmitsky, Aleksey (Alekseyevich) (b. Ali Abdullah Saleh during June-September 2011, after the latter was injured in an attack on the presidential palace during the "Arab Spring and again intermittently from November 2011, when Saleh signed an agreement that provided for him to retain only the "honorary" presidency for three. 14, 1997, Mook, Limburg, Netherlands queen's commissioner of Noord-Brabant (1959-73). Kuzmanovic Kuzmitsky Kuzmanovic, Rajko (b. He volunteered in Britain's war effort on the colony during World War. 4, 1950, Pápa, Hungary interior minister of Hungary (1994-98). March 2, 1901, Praszka, Poland -.


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July 4, 2003 Iraqi diplomat. He was elected by the widest popular margin -.3 - recorded to that time. After the defeat of the Progressive Conservative government in 1987, he served as critic for the Revenue, Labour, Housing, Finance, and Northern Development ministries. April 5, 1944, Mironovka village, Kirovograd oblast, Ukrainian.S.R. 14, 1954 governor of Anguilla (2009-13). 12, 1921, Washington,.C. Hambro followed the government during its transfer to London on June 7, 1940, and continued himself to the.S. July 28, 1957, Chu now Shu, Dzhambul now Zhambyl oblast, Kazakh.S.R. 20, 2009, Jackson, Wyo. Becoming secretary of the Social Democratic Party, he joined the Danish resistance movement, for which he published an underground newspaper.

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Kook Kook, Hillel (b. In 1905 he joined the Social Democratic Party of Finland, then an autonomous part of the Russian Empire. acting prime minister of South Ossetia (2005). Elected to parliament in 1947, he became minister of commerce and supported Denmark's change from neutrality to a strong defense policy. Korbel, Josef, originally Körbel (b. Konduchalova, Kuluipa (Konduchalovna) (b. The Supreme Court overturned the guilty verdicts on the charge of abuse of office on April 6 and on the embezzlement charge on April 11; this gave Kulov, plan gay now olten the leader of the Ar-Namys (Dignity) party, the opportunity to run for president in July. He was first elected MLA for Pictou Centre on May 25, 1993. Haddon-Cave, Sir (Charles) Philip (b. Hancock died while serving his ninth term as governor. Following the Nazi invasion of the.S.S.R., he was appointed Reichskommissar of the Ukraine. July 5, 2007 chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Belorussian.S.R. He was made baron in 1902, count in 1907, and marquess in 1911. He was financial secretary (1971-81) and chief secretary (1981-85). 19, 1915, Akureyri, Iceland -. She became vice president (1984) and president (1986) of the Sri Lanka Mahajana Party (slmp) but in 1992 rejoined the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (slfp) and in 1993 became chief minister of the Western Province. There he adopted the name Peter Bergson. He was also noted as a poet. Hara became the Seiyukai's secretary-general that year and was a principal leader of the party from then on, serving as its president after 1914. Now Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyz diplomat. In 1776 he went to America, where he joined the colonial forces fighting for independence from the British. Harmel Harmel, Pierre (Charles José Marie) (b. Krenz allowed the historic opening of the Berlin Wall during a brief seven weeks in power. Hadi Hadi, Abdu Rabu Mansour, Abdu Rabu also spelled Abd Rabbu, Abdrabuh, etc. 4, 1822, Delaware, Ohio -. (P.) Kozlov Kozlov, Aleksandr (Aleksandrovich) (b. governor of New Jersey (1843-45, 1848-51 grandnephew of Aaron Ogden. 22, 1935, Palaio Faliro, near Athens, Greece regent (1920, 1923-24 provisional governor (1924-25 provisional president (1925-26, 1926-29 and president (1929) of Greece; grandson of Georgios Kountouriotis. In 2018 he was appointed chairman of the Audit Chamber. He received the nickname Gennaios Brave during the war of independence. plan gay now olten

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